Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sarkozy Shamefully in Step with Osama Bin Laden

In his latest call for jihad against the Zionists, Osama Bin Laden states: "Israelis are in a rush to get rid of their enemies in Gaza, and replace them with (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas and his administration, in order for him to protect their backs. They thus carried out this horrific butchery before the end of Bush's term in office before the American weakness shows even more."

So now that we've been reminded of the fact that the same Bin Laden who has financed terrorist attacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East against Americans and other Westerners since and before 9-11 is also firmly in the Hamas camp, maybe we can get a retraction from Sarkozy and his ilk. And an apology.

After all, Israel's alleged "disproportionate use of force" (read: "horrific butchery") against the Hamas terrorists in Gaza seems anemic when you consider Israel is trying to wipe out the same guys that count Bin Laden as a fan and fundraiser.

How do you say "stupid blunder" in French?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NY Times Claims Jonah Goldberg As Its Own

This currently appears on the front page of the NY Times website:

Op-Ed: Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas

The key to peace in Gaza is to help Fatah prepare the West Bank for real freedom, writes Jonah Goldberg of The Atlantic.

But alas, when you click on the article, you see that it was actually written by Jeffrey Goldberg. Not a bad article, though. I wonder if there is a secret Jonah Goldberg fan working at the NY Times.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israeli "occupation" of Danish shopping mall provokes "resistance"

A story that has *not* gotten sufficient attention -- open jihad in the streets of Denmark:

COPENHAGEN, Jan 1 (Reuters) - Danish police on Thursday arrested a 27-year-old man of Palestinian origin on suspicion of shooting and wounding two Israeli citizens at a shopping mall in central Denmark and charged him with attempted murder. ...

The terrorist will probably claim, however, that the shootings were merely intended as symbolic acts of "resistance" against the brutal Israeli "occupation" of the Danish shopping mall. But here's the best part of the story:

A police spokesman told Reuters the suspect had surrendered himself to authorities early on Thursday, but that the motive for the attack was still unknown.

Think hard, coppers. I'm sure it'll come to you.