Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama Approval Ratings Hit All-Time Low

The latest poll from Rasmussen shows that Obama's approval rating has dropped to 57%, an all-time low since Obama assumed the presidency. Similarly, Obama's disapproval rating has increased to 41%, which is a new high.

Despite the media's insistence that Obama is spectacularly popular, the reality is that Obama's approval ratings are virtually identical to those of George W. Bush at the comparable stage of Bush's presidency. And as the economy continues to tank, we can expect that Obama will be below 50% in a matter of time.

A Messiah? Nay.

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Aric said...

On a related note, Obama received record support amongst Jews this election, despite several alarming details (some of which were noted on this site) that should have raised red flags about his support for Israel. Now, we can see that our worst fears about Obama are being realized, as demonstrated by his secretive participation in preparations for the Durban II conference. This article explains it all. It is a truly disturbing development for anyone who cares about Israel, democracy and human rights.