Saturday, February 28, 2009

And the Oscar Goes to ... an Islamic Propaganda Movie

I went to see Slumdog Millionaire the other night, just looking to be entertained. Instead, I found myself being indoctrinated with pro-Islam propaganda. (WARNING: read no further if you don't want me to "ruin" the plot for you).

The protagonists of the film are brothers Jamal and Salim Malik, young Muslim boys from the slums of Mumbai, India. In one of the opening scenes, Jamal and Salim are orphaned when an angry Hindu mob attacks their slum while yelling, "Kill them! They are Muslims!" The Hindu mob kills their mother, thus leaving the poor Muslim youths to fend for themselves. Where have we seen this before? Bollywood, Palliwood -- it's all the same. Of course, no mention of the fact that the "the Mohammedan conquest of India was probably the bloodiest story in history."

Interestingly, this bit of pro-Islam propaganda was not in the original book. Indeed, it appears to have been specially written just for the movie:

The Mumbai Hindu-Muslim riots played no role in the book, as the ethnic heritage of the main character was uncertain. In the book, the character of Jamal is instead named 'Ram Mohammad Thomas'. He was given a Hindu name, Muslim name and Christian name by the village elders in order to maintain the balance between all the religious communities after his mother abandoned him after birth.

Perhaps CAIR was consulted on the movie?

In any case, as the story progresses, Jamal becomes the "good boy" and big brother Salim becomes the "bad boy." Salim joins a gang, starts drinking and abusing women, whereas Jamal keeps to the straight and narrow. Salim even rapes and beats Latika, his little brother's love interest. Jamal finds this unforgivable and two boys go their own ways.

Have no fear, though -- Islam saves the day! Towards the end of the movie, Salim becomes a devout Muslim. Suddenly, Salim finds his moral compass. He sets Latika free, tells her to go find Jamal and kills the gang leader who had been holding Latika prisoner. In the final scene, after having killed the gang leader and having himself been fatally shot, Salim utters his final words, "God is great." ("Allahu Akbar").

Did Slumdog Millionaire deserve Best Picture? Maybe in Riyadh.

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Andrew said...

My wife is visiting her family in Indonesia right now, so I finally got around to seeing this movie everyone had been fawning over. I've got to say, it's a great film. But, Neocon Latina- you nailed it. I converted to Islam to marry my wife and never thought much of religion, having been raised Roman Catholic, and finding spirituality a different matter from religion. Let me say something to all you Obamazombies: you don't have the slightest inkling of the hateful cult of death you are up against. My wife requested a baptism after seeing how the Coptics defended their Muslim Patriot friends in Egypt when the anti-government "Democratic" revolutionaries were attempting to attack during their prayers. Again, we're not religious people. My wife's family is truly "Kebatin" or Kejawan", a mystical, animist astrological blend of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. The thing is, the Javanese are naturally gentle and kind are being radicalized by Saudi Imams weekly, and their indigenous culture is being mocked, replaced, and destroyed by Intolerant Arabic Islam. Islam is a lie- take it from an Apostate, you simpering, ignorant, condescending, infantile liberals- you'll be the first to go when they take root next door to you, and violently. This type of propaganda (Slumdog) is another example of the "Predator as Victim" ploy employed by even moderate Muslims, as they refuse to directly answer questions, and misdirect atrocities committed by them, greatly disproportionate to any other group on earth. It's the classic Wolf in Sheep's Clothing metaphor that well-meaning, but bitter, entitlement based losers concoct to destroy your ability to discriminate. Discrimination is not hate, it's more like deductive reasoning, a skill the modern, loathsome anti-American bigot lacks entirely.