Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arguably the Most Insane Left-Wing Rant in History

While searching for updates on Tristan Anderson, the American leftist who was recently injured during an anti-Israel protest in the West Bank, I came upon this gem posted on the San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia website:

On Friday, March 13th, 2009, my friend and tree sit colleague, Tristan Anderson was critically wounded by the Israeli Army with a tear gas canister. He is in an induced coma and as time goes by, the chances that he will come out of it at all decreases.

What this has to do with U. C. Berkeley is this: Tristan was involved with the Oak Grove tree sit which lasted for 648 embarrassing days to the university. He has also written a number of articles that put the university to shame.

Furthermore, it is no secret that U. C. Berkeley has strong ties to the U. S. government, which is an ally of Israel and it's inhumane military.

Lastly, the tear gas canister which hit Tristan was aimed directly at his head with pinpoint accuracy, instead of on the ground where all it would do would be to release the tear gas. Tristan's injury was no accident.

U. C. Berkeley has the resources, the connections, and the motive for attempting to kill my friend Tristan. I can't help be see connections here.

Wow. Just wow.

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