Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saudis Get Repaid for their "Investment" in Obama's Harvard Education

We've previously seen that, at the same time Obama was applying to Harvard Law School, a representative of the Saudi government was raising money for Obama and pulling strings to help get him into Harvard. Watch this interview with former Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton again on YouTube if you have forgotten this extraordinary -- but almost entirely overlooked -- story.

Well, it now appears that the Saudi government is finally being repaid for its "investment" in Obama's Harvard education. Incredibly, Obama has appointed a paid agent of the Saudi government to head the National Intelligence Council. Rich Lowry writing in National Review has the sordid details:

This is the career trajectory of Chas Freeman, the former diplomat whom the Obama administration intends to make chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Freeman was ambassador to Saudi Arabia, the most lucrative diplomatic posting in the world because the ambassadors usually end up in the employ of the Saudis after leaving public service.

Sure enough, Freeman is now president of the anti-Israel Middle East Policy Council, which might not exist without Saudi largesse. In a 2006 interview with a Saudi news outlet, Freeman explained that the council couldn’t continue without an endowment it had set up through “the generosity of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.”

I've tried -- very hard in fact -- to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. But for me, this is the last straw.

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