Thursday, October 2, 2008

It Was Third and Long For The Republicans

And the Democrats nearly had the White House in their grasp.

But then something amazing happened. Fighting for dear life, the Republicans somehow managed to elude the Democrats' death grip.

. . . And launch one down field. . .

Got it! What a catch! Palin pulls a David Tyree!

* * *
It's a whole new ballgame, folks.


1Peter3:15 said...

I agree that Palin exceeded the ridiculously low expectations the McCain camp set for her. She didn't make any major stumbles. But she also refused to answer the questions and stuck to a tight script. For example, what is her position on recognition for same sex couples?

The instapolls gave it to Biden 2:1 among independents. I don't see how that can help in the polls for McCain.

Catttt said...

Gov. Palin's answer on same sex unions was identical to Senator Biden's - she agreed with him. Where were you when that happened, 1peter?

Anonymous said...

So 1Peter, you believe in the accuracy of the online polls that DKos basement dwelling followers 'Freeped' on Kos's orders.

I don't.

Gov. Palin looked more Presidential than tired OLD Joe. Looked and sounded more Presidential.

But, the sad thing fact is that our so-called professional media is edited by the Obama campaign. The media's credibility will sink even lower now.