Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Wanted Housing Projects for the Homeless in 2003

Here's a description of a 2003 bill Obama co-sponsored in the Illinois state senate that would have mandated the construction of new housing projects for the homeless:

Synopsis As Introduced
Creates the Illinois Housing Initiative Act of 2003. Requires that a task force, composed of all key State agencies with functions related to housing and other experts in housing, develop an annual comprehensive housing plan that prioritizes the development of a range of permanent housing for certain underserved populations, including low-income and homeless persons.

Boy, that sounds like a great idea -- housing projects for the homeless. This is exactly the type of "economic justice" Obama will pursue if elected president. You work hard, you play by the rules, you try to save a little money for your family and then ...

"STOP! HAND OVER THAT MONEY!" The One has decreed that your property must be confiscated because "economic justice" requires it. Housing projects for the homeless? That's just the beginning.

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