Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Bombshell: Civil Rights Movement Failed--Did Not Produce Redistribution of Wealth

Except it's not a bombshell. This blog and others have been trying for months to inform the public of Obama's socialist leanings. But today it's going more mainstream. Drudge Report's current headline should be a news bombshell, especially a week away from Election Day eve, but that's not the news world we live in.

But now that Obama's words have sunk in ("Wow!"), I still can't believe that Americans may vote this socialist into office.

He is no longer just telling Joe the Plumber that he wants to take some of Joe's money and give it to others who are more deserving. Rather, Obama is asserting that the civil rights movement failed because it did not convince the Supreme Court to venture "into the issues of redistribution of wealth and the sort of more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society."

Wow. Let that sink in for a bit...

Obama is revealing his belief that the civil rights movement should have resulted in the redistribution of wealth. This would mean creating a permanent welfare class that would be entitled to money earned by others for having suffered a civil rights injustice in the past. This is economic justice? I see the economy part, but where's the justice?

How about believing in the idea that people create wealth and government should stay out of that business, as much as possible? And how about believing that every American is given the opportunity to become as productive a member of society as he or she wants? And how about believing that you can't walk around feeling entitled to things without having done something to earn them?

Can you imagine the harm that Obama's redistribution of wealth would cause African-Americans (and others who consider themselves beneficiaries of the civil rights movement)? By putting segments of society into a permanent welfare class--entitled to receive a check that somebody else earned for them--Obama would be creating a whole new culture of dependency.

This idea scares me. Dependency is a very ugly thing and entitlement just became a very bad word.

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