Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain's Greatest Act of Patriotism Yet

Ok, I'll admit it -- I've been as puzzled as anyone about McCain's refusal to use Reverend Wright against Obama. But I'm starting to look at things differently.

Let's be clear about something: Reverend Wright is Kryptonite to Obama. Wright is a racist, America-hating, Farrakhan-supporting lunatic who just happens to have been a father figure to Obama. If I were running McCain's campaign, I'd spend every last dollar running ads juxtaposing Reverend Wright's hate-filled rants with Obama's lavish praise for the man. And I'm sure it would work.

By resisting this tactic, McCain is likely sowing the seeds of his own defeat. The only plausible explanation for McCain's decision is a moral conviction that doing so would greatly diminish the ability of our next president to be a leader for all Americans. That McCain is willing to go down in defeat rather than hang Reverend Wright around Obama's neck is an act of patriotism like none of us has ever before witnessed. This, above all else, may be the greatest act of patriotism that John McCain has ever given his country.

Would I make the same decision as McCain? In all honesty, no. But I am not the patriot that John McCain is.

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Free ThinkerNY said...

What McLame is doing is the same thing that Nixon did when Kennedy and the Dems stole the 1960 election through voter fraud.
Nixon could have contested the election results in court, but refused to do it. He believed that to do so would tear the country apart.
In the 2000 election, Gore was in the position to use the courts to challenge the outcome.
He didn't hesitate to do that.
The Dems play to win.
The Republicans play to lose.
Dems use any weapon they can.
Gore used an old drunk driving conviction against Bush which caused the polls to swing in Gore's direction.
Why shouldn't Republicans fight the same way?
Republicans fight with one hand tied behind their backs.
McCain's decision to not use Wright against Obama is not patriotic at all.
Handing this country over to the psychotic Left, if you have the power to possibly stop it, is not a patriotic act.
If Obama wins, decades from now, McCain will be seen as a fool for putting his personal honor before the best interests of his country.