Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is Charlie Rangel Disabled?

Charlie Rangel calling Sarah Palin "disabled" was certainly a nasty insult, particularly because Palin just gave birth to a disabled child. Even so, I chuckled when I saw Rangel's comment in the NY Post this morning. It made me think of when we used to mock political correctness by using "challenged" for every so-called shortcoming. For example, if we wore glasses we were "visually challenged." If we were short, we were "vertically challenged" and so on.

Rangel isn't disabled, but he is "ethically challenged." The NY Post recently revealed that Rangel owes Uncle Sam more than $10,000 in back taxes. To make matters worse, he's tried to pin the blame on his wife, suggesting that she was the one who handled their taxes. So maybe Rangel's "tax challenged" too. Now here's the real kicker: Rangel is Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee -- the same Committee that writes our tax laws. So a guy who's not paying his own taxes, and blames his wife for his tax fraud, is in charge of writing our tax laws?

And what a splendid job Rangel has done. Rangel's made our tax laws so complicated that my dear ol' mom -- who's clocking 30Gs a year to survive (extra points for anyone who got the Third Bass reference) -- needs to hire a tax professional to file her taxes. Gotta love Charlie. Another example of our disab -- er, ethically challenged -- Democratic leadership in Washington.

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