Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mothers of Young Children Need Not Apply

I'm starting to see a pattern. This past week, I couldn't help but think of Hillary Clinton every time the "mainstream moron media" took another jab at Sarah Palin for daring to run for VP while being a mother of 5 at the same time! Now if you doubt my disbelief at the obvious sexism and double standard expressed by the media, continue reading.

A large contingent of the media continues to dwell on how Sarah Palin is a poor choice for VP because she can't possibly support John McCain in the White House while continuing her breastfeeding and child carpooling duties. Did anyone consult a mother of a young child as part of their research? If they had and there is no dearth of them, at least not here where I live in Manhattan, they would find that working moms today have assembled a whole team of people to support them as they try to juggle a very important job (raising a child) with another one (their job outside the home). There are husbands, nannies, grandparents, extended family, close friends, and daycares. And considering Sarah Palin is the current governor of a state and the nominee for vice-president, I don't think she will be without resources at her disposal. So unless the folk writing about the inadequacy of "Sarah Palin, VP nominee" know about a breastpump (at the very least) or about how millions of working moms juggle family and work commitments every day, then I'll have to read their reporting while having to hold my nose from the stench of double standard.

After all, has Mr. Obama been questioned as to how he can stand at the helm of the free world while raising two young daughters? Of course not! And neither was Bill Clinton. No one blinked at these omissions since men with political careers aren't responsible for raising their children. Is that really where we are in America today? So here we have it, today's media, long on supporting the ideas of a woman's right to try to have it all, is actually only comfortable with that feminist idea in theory and definitely not with regard to female politicians. Apparently, the media's ranks, with abundant women among them, continue to support the pre-suffragette creed that women better stick to baking cookies and minding their young while letting their men take care of all that policy business.

Young women all across the country are getting the message that it's fine to aspire to become a public servant as long as they don't do it while having and raising babies. This is ludicrous and the hypocrisy of it all should not be overlooked. Gov. Palin was blamed for daring to have a high-powered political career while "allowing" her 17-year-old daughter to get pregnant. Now seriously, very few parents would actually allow their teenage daughters to get pregnant and I doubt Gov. Palin is an exception. Gov. Palin has also been criticized for not putting the needs of her newborn son Trig first. Again, I ask media folk of both genders to consult any of the working moms out there who pump and run to work, leaving their children in the hands of loving caretakers. It is certainly not easy, but for some women, it is a necessity and a privilege.

Now I can't say that the liberal media is guilty of this double standard alone. Both parties have been guilty of it. I remember being shocked at the conservative media's attacks of Hillary Clinton for being career-minded. Remember the howls they made at her for daring to bake cookies? Now, I've known many a working mom who has not only baked cookies, but cooked dinner, helped with homework, and so on. That attack on Mrs. Clinton, like the one on Gov. Palin now, is a covert one made at women everywhere who are trying to make the most out of their choices in modern life. That the liberal media is attacking a modern and accomplished female politician like Gov. Palin cries hypocrisy. Isn't this the same media that has championed the ideas of feminism and encouraged women to seek accomplished careers?

I guess I'll take a cup of hypocrisy to wash down those cookies.


The Professor said...

Palin's brand of politics is about dividing and ripping people apart based on ideology and religion to achieve the goals of a small constituency. With Palin, it's special interests first.

Obama is about bringing people together around shared common values, working towards collective goals. With Obama, it's about putting country first.

Neocon Latina Fan said...

Palin's brand of politics is about dividing and ripping people apart..."

Whom did she rip? (besides a new one for the polls)
btw if y'all hate Palin because she's a under-edumacated and hillbillish, why the Condi hate?

Obama is about bringing people together...

"Bill Ayers meet Barbra Streisand."

...collective goals...

Goodnight professor.