Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Intelligent" Women Doing Stupid Things

I am flabbergasted at the latest group sweeping Facebook, Intelligent Women Against Sarah Palin. The group, which has more than 11,000 members, describes itself as follows:

This is a group for all the women (and men) whom John McCain thought he could sway just because he picked a woman for VP.
Palin is against women's rights and is by far the least feminist candidate McCain could have picked. She has no foreign policy experience and has been proven to be a corrupt governor.
Palin has nothing to offer this country; especially this country's women.

Since I consider myself an intelligent woman, I'll take them on.

First, these "intelligent" members take issue with Gov. Palin's lack of foreign policy experience. Did Gov. of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, have any foreign policy experience before being elected President? Does their presumptive choice Sen. Obama have any? Not if you don't count his Greatest Hits Tour of Europe.

Second, they allege that she's proven to be a corrupt governor, though they fail to cite any evidence for such an accusation. She has unprecendented approval ratings which shows Alaskans are pretty happy with their lady governor. (Some say it's as high as 90s.) She put the jet her predecessor used on eBay, drives herself to work, and has the reputation of being a reformer for having blown the whistle on officials in her own party. She first blew the whistle on an oil and gas commissioner who later paid thousands in fines for an ethics violation. She then filed an ethics complaint against the attorney general who was also close to the Republican governor. Gov. Palin was again vindicated when the official later resigned. Corrupt is the last thing that comes to mind.

Third, Gov. Palin's speech at the convention gave us a hint of what she can offer this country. A mother of five, one with special needs, she governs a state that has enormous amounts of oil and other resources. Her independent, roll-up-your-sleeves, get-the-job-done attitude is just the kind of public official we need in D.C.

And finally, the issue of Gov. Palin's pro-life stance does not negate her feminist credentials. These are not mutually exclusive. The issues of when life begins, protecting the unborn, and a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy do not define a feminist. One's belief in a woman's equal rights does. I consider myself a feminist and I am pro-life. And I see Gov. Palin, a governor and VP nominee at the age of 44, as a quintessential feminist.

Isn't "having it all" what feminism was supposed to be all about?


J said...

Don't forget the Oil and Gas Commissioner WAS the "Chair of the Alaska Republican Party". Talk about going again the party!!

(I was planning on voting Libertarian, but now....)

Neocon Latina said...

Good point! The commissioner at issue, Randy Ruedrich, was also the Republican state chairman.

Anonymous said...

If you belong to any group that the left has selected as one of its own, then you have NO RIGHT to beliefs and opinions that differ from the prescribed "set of beliefs".

Clarence Thomas - black
Alberto Gonzales - hispanic
Sarah Palin - female

What the left is going to learn from Gov. Palin is that she is not only not a member of the luny left, but that she will put to bed the left lie that Republicans, Conservatives and Christians fear strong women. I think that Gov. Palin may well prove to be America's Margret Thatcher. We could do a lot worse.

Republicans, Conservatives and Christians do not fear strong women, but the do detest women who claim authority and power to which they have no legitimate and rightful claim, ie. hillary. Add to that an unabashed arrogance and a "victim" and a "I deserve it" attitude and you have a recipe for one that is not feared by totally disliked by us. Another group of females who fit the above description is the hollywood mob. For unknown reasons, they actually believe that being a part of this wild, ill-mannered, immoral and American-hating mob gives them some right to issue statements on government, policies and the military when if facts be known, they have little if any real knowledge that would support their statements.

Neocon Latina said...

I like that--the Hollywood mob. I couldn't agree with you more. Being Latina, people just assume they know my political views and will start ranting and raging at the right-wing conspiracy or "Bush's war" or swift-boating. I truly believe that these are the people who least listen to reason as they've already been won over by the liberal media and culture that we live in.
It just astounds me that women feel enraged at Sarah Palin! If I had a daughter, I would be proud to have a Sarah, someone who believes in herself and her values.
It angers me that women, instead of forging ahead in this time of opportunity, dwell on attacking a pro-life female politician because she defends life, in all circumstances. It's truly astonishing and divisive.
The Palin-Thatcher comparison has been put out there and with good reason. We shall see. Meanwhile, I stand proud to be a Republican with the likes of Sarah as a leader in the party.

Mary said...

I just discovered this article and that group. A friend and I started a group on facebook called "Intelligent Women (and the men who care about them) for McCain/Palin 2008" ( We do not have 11,000+ members - we are quite small. But get the word out and we will grow. There are a lot of smart women who see that we really know very little about Senator Obama that he has not told us. Investigate and it becomes alarming. Just the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (for the public schools) which Obama headed is alarming as is the "law professor" moniker - he was a "senior lecturer" not a prof.

Neocon Latina said...

Thank you for your comment. I will spread the word about your group. You are absolutely right about the ignorance people have with Obama's questionable background--check out the post "Obama's Marxist Past" on my blog.