Monday, September 22, 2008

Photos from Ahmadinejad Protest in NYC

Despite the Palin disinvite controversy, it was great to see so much support for Israel in NYC! Enjoy the photos!


Editor said...

Too bad the Code Pinkos showed up.

Python said...

Laughin because the Code Pinkos Showed Up , But they looked so terribly alone , and margianalized , didn't they ?

Looked to me like the Pinkos were underdressed and attending the wrong party .

How do they say that again up there in the Big apple ? "Just Light em up and piss em out" ?

Good Post Latina Lady , thanks for the photos , they really Rock !

El Rider said...

Great photos, I linked to you today. A good friend of mine (married to one of my best friends) also came from Columbia as a young girl and after UW Madison Law she is an attorney in Chicago and a mother. She is not a neocon but who knows what the future holds?

Neocon Latina said...

el rider,

There is still hope for her!

nrn312 said...

She sees burgeoning democracies in the Middle East

I see dead people.

Neocon Latina said...

I see dead people.

I know you think you're being clever, but that comment nicely illustrates the difference between the left and right. Whereas you see death and destruction, I hope see hope and democracy. Which one of us is right? Both, of course.

nrn312 said...

Whereas you see death and destruction, I hope [sic] see hope and democracy.

Actually, I see a bunch of crackpots with signs. Was that genocidal lunatic Pam Atlas out there with you?

Neocon Latina said...

So your view is that those who oppose the genocidal Ahmadinejad and/or support Israel are "crackpots"?