Monday, September 29, 2008

Newspapers Purging Evidence of Obama's Marxist Roots?

I covered Obama's hidden Marxist past before. That entry -- which explored the communist sympathies of Obama's mother -- relied on a Chicago Tribune article entitled Barack Obama: Mother not just a girl from Kansas. As noted in the Chicago Tribune article:

1. Obama's mother attended a radical, communist-leaning church known as "the little red church on the hill."

2. Obama's mother attended a radical, communist-leaning high school where she was taught the Communist Manifesto and which had a communist school board chairman and which had several communist teachers on staff.

3. Obama's mother was called a "fellow traveler" by her friends, which is code for communist sympathizer.

Now here's where things get weird. If you go to the Chicago Tribune webpage that formerly housed the aforementioned article, you get the following error message:
We are sorry, but we are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try back later. Thank you for visiting
But the rest of the Chicago Tribune website works fine. Think I'm paranoid? Well, here's where it gets even weirder. The Chicago Tribune is owned by the Tribune Company, which owns several other papers -- including the Baltimore Sun and Los Angeles Times -- and it appears that those papers also ran the same article on Obama's mother. So what happens when you go to the Baltimore Sun webpage where the article used to be located? You guessed it:
We are sorry, but we are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try back later. Thank you for visiting
How about when you go to the LA Times webpage where the article used to be located:
Sorry, the page you requested could not be found. ... Thank you for visiting
Now, I'm not one for conspiracy theories, and it is entirely possible that there is a reasonable explanation for this. But I find this whole thing very suspicious. What do you think?


Gary said...

Who give a flying wedgie? My father went to a communist summer camp during the depression where they trained to fight the revolution when it "comes". I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

In Obama, we'll finally have a president again who is a scholar of the Federalist papers. Who knows and has taught constitutional law. In McCain, we've got a blustery angry senile old man. There's not contest.

Neocon Latina said...

Thanks for your comments. The post was about the fact that the MSM has carried on a biased campaign coverage, in favor of Obama. We heard about McCain's non-existent intimate relationship with a lobbyist from the NYT but barely anything on Obama's marxist past, his religious upbringing and membership in Wright's black liberation theology church, and Obama's ties with domestic terrorists. I think more coverage of this would give the American people more insight into a candidate who is running to be our president.
The reason you think a man who associated with domestic terrorists and anti-American preachers is worthy of being our president over a man who took torture for his country for 5 years and has bucked the party line to find solutions to campaign finance, alternative energy, and immigration shows how good a job the MSM has done to paint Obama one way and McCain another.
In addition, there have been many instances of Obama sounding blustery, angry, and senile, but when you've got the media in the bag, what does it matter, right?
It's an American Idol world anyway.


gretl said...,0,14968,full.story+Barack+Obama:+Mother+not+just+a+girl+from+Kansas&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us

Neocon Latina said...


Thanks. I know the cache copy is still available, and same goes with hard copies, copies in databases like Lexis-Nexis, etc. So there's no way for the papers to entirely disappear the article. Still, one wonders whether they think it is still beneficial to Obama to disable all of the active hyperlinks to the story so as to make it that much harder to find.

Info said...

Gary: Since Obama is from the party that helped architect the massive failure of Fanny/Freddie, I think you may want to take off the rose colored glasses a bit.

I can provide references... you can just cite McCains age. Do you work for the MSM?

1Peter3:15 said...

The don't agree with your assumption that there is a monolithic "MSM". These are competitors looking for a good story, whichever way it cuts. The NY Times, which the McCain camp claims is "in the tank" for Obama, broke the story on Rangel's rent-stabilized apartments and tax problems. Good investigative reporters thrive on scandal on whichever side of the aisle they find it.

1Peter3:15 said...

First line should be "I don't" not "The don't"

Neocon Latina said...


Are you suggesting that liberal bias does not exist merely because by the NY Times occasionally criticizes a Democrat? It doesn't work that way. And Rangel is hardly relevant to the presidential election.

89 said...

It has been found again: /news/politics/obama/chi-0703270151mar27-archive,0,2623808.story

1Peter3:15 said...

I am saying that a theory of liberal bias is belied by the facts and human nature.

Neocon Latina said...


So does that prove that this post was entirely off the mark or is it still somewhat suspicious that the previous link now returns a "we are experiencing technical difficulties" message with no hint that the article can still be accessed in the archives? Hardly seems like a good way to keep the article "out there" for all to see. And what to make of the disappearing act at the LA Times and Baltimore Sun? Still can't get the article there, can you?

I acknowledge I may be pushing this too far. I simply don't know. But it still strikes me as odd.

Neocon Latina said...

I am saying that a theory of liberal bias is belied by the facts and human nature.

Please. The evidence shows that the elite media is over 90% Democratic. Journalists do what they can to get "their guy" elected. That's human nature.